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19th August 2012

Mohamed Shafik Gabr Foundation Organises Three Ramadan 'Tables of Mercy'

The Mohamed Shafik Gabr Foundation for Social Development welcomed over 700 guests per day during Ramadan at the three mawa-ed al-rahman (‘tables of mercy’ at which the poor can break their fast) that it organised in Mokattam and Mansoureya. Serving top quality meals costing up to EGP 300,000, the ‘mawa-ed’ were supervised by Mohamed Fathallah, Foundation Executive Manager.

Mr. M. Shafik Gabr, Chairman of the Foundation, visited the mawa’ed personally on several occasions to ensure the quality of the food and service being delivered to the underprivileged in these areas.

In addition to the delivery of breakfast meals during the holy month of Ramadan, the Mohamed Shafik Gabr Foundation also distributes food packages to the needy throughout the rest of the year. To date in 2012, over 900 packages have been issued.


Distribution of Ramadan food packages   Mr. Gabr greeting one of the guests

16th February 2010

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb School Wins the Mohamed Shafik Gabr Foundation 2008/9 Best School Award in the Presence of the Minister of Education

The Mohamed Shafik Gabr Social Development Foundation has over the years supported the comprehensive development of over 17 primary schools.

In the Mokattam and Khalifa districts The Foundation sponsored the overall development of 7 primary schools in terms of physical infrastructure, addition of facilities (theatre, sports, music , library and clinic) plus creating cultural and extra- curricular events. In addition The Foundation trained in association with Amideast the teachers and students of several schools in educational skills, English and IT.

To enhance a culture of competitiveness and encourage excellence the Foundation announced a prize of L.E. 50,000 annual prize to the best school amongst the group then the prize was doubled to L.E. 100,000 . The prize was to go to the teachers and administrators of the best school.

The Mohamed Shafik Gabr Social Development Foundation proudly hosted the first prize-giving ceremony for its Best School Award initiative on 16th February 2010 , at which Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Primary School in Mokattam won the EGP 100,000 grand-prize for its achievements in the 2008/9 academic year. Attending the event were HE Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, Minister of Education, HE Dr. Ahmed Darwish, Minister of Administrative Development and HE Dr. Ali Moselhy, Minister of Social Solidarity, amongst other dignitaries and guests.

The Best School Award was launched to encourage harder work and foster a spirit of honest and positive competitiveness amongst the 7 schools that were refurbished by the Mohamed Shafik Gabr Social Development Foundation since 2006, namely: Al Sayeda Khadija, Aly Ben Abi Taleb, Ammar Ben Yasser, Tarek Ben Ziad, Al Mokattam Lel Taaleem Al Assassy, Al Sayeda-Eisha, Al-Khodeiry, and Adel Gabr High School in 6th October Governorate.. The Foundation has not only upgraded the infrastructure of these schools, but also endorsed various arts and physical education activities, as well as skill-building initiatives for both students and teachers to support them in developing new education standards.

M. Shafik Gabr, Chairman of the Foundation, congratulated the teachers and administers of The Ali Ibn Abi Taleb School, who will each receive a share of the EGP 100,000 prize, and encouraged them to maintain their positive efforts for the next academic year. He stated that "we at the Mohamed Shafik Gabr Foundation believe that we should constantly work hard in order to play a role in improving the role of Egyptians and a key impact of this initiative is supporting better primary education in state owned schools.

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