Renovation and Development of Rundown Schools

School functions as a springboard for children and helps give them an essential start in life. That’s why the Foundation believes that all Egyptian children deserve well-equipped, modern schools that ensure they have a better future. Today, the Foundation is concentrating its efforts on renovating the schools in underprivileged areas of Mokattam. A survey of the schools in the district indicated that the following schools were the most in need: Al-Sayyida Khadiga, Ali Ibn Ali Taleb, Tarek Ibn Ziyad and Ammar Ibn Yasser. The schools had classrooms with no blackboards, broken desks, missing or shattered window

panes, dirty and peeling paint, badly maintained and dirty bathrooms, no clean drinking water and neglected playgrounds with piles of garbage. Since then, a total overall facelift and renovation of the schools has been completed. This involved repainting buildings and classrooms and the redecoration of playgrounds and recreational areas. It also included new environmental-friendly blackboards, desks, windowpanes, drapes, flooring, carpentry and plumbing - and the provision of water coolers to ensure students have access to clean drinking water.


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