Medical Center

The decision was taken by the Mohamed Shafik Gabr Foundation to establish a medical and social development center in Mokattam after it became clear that the health and social care needs of residents were still not being adequately met, despite the Foundation's proactive initiatives in partnership with the Ministry of Health to provide complimentary medical services via mobile caravans in this area since 2006. Although the Foundation was able to successfully treat 43,000 patients – including the performance of 180 surgical operations – the need for a more permanent medical services facility could not be ignored.

The Mohamed Shafik Gabr Medical and Social Development Center was established in Mokattam's 'Zelzal' area to provide top-class medical facilities, including specialist clinics for ENT (ear, nose and throat), internal medicine, paediatrics, ophthalmology, dermatology and dentistry as well as a pharmacy for the dispenation of complimentary medication. The center will also provide various lectures and seminars to raise the social awareness and cultural skills of residents, including family planning and adult reading classes.


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